Real-life Male Escorts In Racy New Show 'Gigolos'


"Being a Gigolo isn’t always easy" – or so says Jimmy, one of five real, high-end Las Vegas escorts profiled in Showtime's new series, "Gigolos". 

Offering an uncensored, and sometimes extremely graphic spotlight on the nights (and days) of working male gigolos as they service women from all walks of life - single, married, or divorced - and all willing to spend a pretty penny for a bit of "quality" company. This provocative series seems to evoke a certain Bravo-style "Real Male Escorts of Las Vegas", but make no mistake- this is Showtime territory, and they take full allowance of their cable channel freedoms. Be warned: this one is not for the kiddies.

Check out an advance peek of "Gigolos" which premieres tonight (Thursday, April 7) on Showtime.