Alec Baldwin Hopes For 'Five More Seasons'


On Monday, Alec Baldwin reportedly implied that his critically acclaimed sitcom "30 Rock" will conclude its run in 2012, but on Thursday the actor sang a more optimistic tune.

In a blog posted on The Huffington Post, Alec wrote: "Gosh. I want to take the opportunity to state that although my days on network TV may be numbered, I hope '30 Rock' goes on forever. Or at least as long as everyone involved desires. Next year hopefully won't be the last. Kenneth can run the network. Jenna will get her own talk show. Tracy will become Mayor of New York. Then resign to go raise exotic reptiles. And Lemon will go do… just about anything she sets her mind to. Here's to five more seasons."

We caught up with Alec at the New York Philharmonic's spring gala benefit on Thursday, where the actor appeared as a guest.

"This is not a classical program," Alec said, referring to the presentation of Stephen Sondheim's Company that the New York Philharmonic sponsored that night. "And they've got none other than Neil Patrick Harris, who is the darling of the theater crowd these days. He's so talented, so it's going to be great."

Jon Cryer also starred in the production and he, like Alec, has had to deal with cancellation news surrounding his hit show "Two and a Half Men." Cryer sent out a glimmer of hope for the show's possible return when we asked the Emmy winner if he saw Broadway in his future.

"I don't know how much free time I'm going to have," Cryer replied with a grin. "So we'll see."