Will.i.am's Inspiring Message to the Fallen Contestants of 'American Idol'


After last week's shocking sendoff for former "American Idol" contestant Pia Toscano, Will.i.am, who was featured as a mentor on the show, gave some advice for all those that have faced rejection on the program.

"Learn from why you got eliminated," said Will.i.am at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Rio' on Sunday. "Just because they say 'no' doesn't mean that's it. I got told 'no' a bunch of times. I still get told 'no.' That doesn't mean I'm going to stop."

The Grammy winner joined the long list of stars, including Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres, who have offered encouragement following Pia's elimination.

Will.i.am handled the music for 'Rio' and Jamie Foxx raved about working with the Black Eyed Peas member in the studio, saying, "Sometimes your job just gives you fun things to do."

Anne Hathaway admitted that after the three years it took to make the movie, the best part of making the movie for her came at the very end: "Finally see the whole thing come together was such a gift," said Anne.

'Rio' opens in the U.S. April 15 but debuted internationally over the weekend, hauling in $55 million, which made it the biggest movie opening of this year.