EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: 'Ugly' Drama on 'Fantasy Factory'


Rob Dyrdek's cousin, mini-mogul Chris "Drama" Pfaff, set off on his quest to becoming a "man dime" (very attractive man) on the new season of "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," but he hits a slight roadblock along the way.

As a part of Drama's goal to gaining more sex appeal he had to have a dental procedure to straighten his teeth.

"It looks exactly like 'Aliens,'" Rob said when shown the mold for the inside of Drama's mouth.

Rob and Big Black walked in to check up on Drama during the procedure and were shocked by his appearance.

"You look like a bad runway model," Big Black joked.

"He's as ugly as he's ever been in his life," cracked Rob.

Watch the clip to see how Drama's dental procedure turned out, and be sure to check out the entire episode of "Rob Ddyrdek's Fantasy Factory" tonight on MTV.