Mike & Molly Stars Admit They're Not 'Perfect'


We recently visited the set of "Mike & Molly," and the stars of the hit sitcom had much to say about the show and its success as well as its mass appeal.

From the love on the set to the way fans relate to the characters, the cast revealed the many different aspects as to what makes it one of the best new shows on television. Actor Reno Wilson (Carl) credits the creators and writers for crafting a well put together show that he finds funny when he watches. Melissa McCarthy (Molly) thinks the relationships on "Mike & Molly" coupled with the fact that it's not all "cleaned up and perfect" is what drives the show's success.

Billy Gardell (Mike) echoes a similar sentiment when he talked about the fans. We have the people [fans] that really connect with two people who aren't perfect on TV," the comedian stated. It's nice to see a couple of people who are just trying to get through life."

So how did the stars celebrate the show's early achievements?

Reno jokes about paying for his kid's tuition for the next two years while mild-mannered Melissa mentions buying household accessories. Billy is a different case however, confessing to indulging just a tad. "I treated myself to one thing so far," the funnyman prefaced. "I bought myself a '56 Chevrolet Bel-Air."

Melissa fires back a little confession of her own in response to Billy's comments. "It didn't end with one."

Watch to hear more from the gang and be sure to catch "Mike & Molly" Mondays on CBS!