Will Kirstie's Lost Shoe Cost her DWTS?


It's the talk of town - the errant shoe that just might cost Kirstie Alley the Mirror Ball trophy. ET Correspondent Mark Steines was there firsthand to get the real play by play from the stars and their parters, and get to the bottom of what really happened tonight.

Kirstie may have lost her shoe tonight, but she clearly didn't lose her sense of humor. She chastised a concerned Mark Steines, joking that the incident wasn't "Bosnia or something!" Being an actress, and not a dancer, she isn't quite used to the live production of the show - "in movie land we go 'cut!'"

At first, Karina Smirnoff didn't even realize there was a problem with Kirstie and Mak's dance. She says her first thought was, "what an interesting choice in choreography. Why is she sitting there for so long?" She got nothing but sympathy from Karina and Chelsie Hightower as each has had shoe strap mishaps.

Surprisingly, the two landed a score of 22, garnering two 7's from Carrie and Len, and an 8 from Bruno. This places the Kirstie and Maks in the bottom three with stars Kendra Wilkinson and Sugar Ray Leonard.

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