Paul McDonald 'At Peace' With 'American Idol' Results


Paul McDonald appeared in good spirits after his departure from "American Idol" last week, and the maturing singer expressed his positivity in spite of his early release.

"I was completely happy and at peace with whatever the results were," Paul revealed. "It was kind of a celebration. I made it this far and now I'm free to get back to my normal thing."

Paul's life has been anything but normal, having met stars like Stevie Wonder and Hulk Hogan while on the show. The gifted musician's journey doesn't look to descend down to the realm of regular any time soon, having been recently attached to 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed.

Things are going well with the pair, but Paul let us in on an embarrassing admission which made him feel "like an idiot." See what the ex-Idol's secret was in the video!