Susan Lucci: 'All My Children' is in the 'Best of Hands'

Susan Lucci: 'All My Children' is in the 'Best of Hands'

Susan Lucci has kept her head high following the announcement of the cancellation of "All My Children," and she dished on the show's last months at her Florida book signing over the weekend.

"It's horrible and it's sad and disappointing, but we're on for five more months," said Susan. "And the best thing the fans can do is watch, because Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon (both longtime writers on the program) are at the helm and we are in the best of hands."

The end of "All My Children" may have been just as surprising to the actress as her memoirs, as Susan revealed, "It's something I never thought I would do, because I have always been very private."

Susan explained that in spite of receiving many requests from book publishers wanting to sell her life story, it was her son who finally convinced her to take the plunge.

The Emmy winner called the book an "amazing opportunity to speak to so many generations of fans."

All My Life: A Memoir is available now. You can catch Susan on new episodes of the ABC soap opera "All My Children" until the show's final episode in September.