Chris Jericho Out for the Count on 'Dancing With the Stars'


Chris Jericho tackled the tango this week on "Dancing With the Stars," but was wrestled to the ground on Tuesday night. Eliminated with pro partner Cheryl Burke, the gentle giant is happy to return home to daddy duty.

He made the ultimate "sacrifice" by making it so far in the competition. "I haven't seen my kids in four weeks, so it's time for Chris Jericho the dancer to step aside and Chris Jericho the daddy to come back," said the WWE superstar.

His homecoming may be put on hold slightly longer because Chris has this Friday's hottest ticket. "Well it's actually good timing that I got eliminated because I have to fly over to England for the royal wedding, so it was going to affect rehearsal," he joked.

Humor aside, Chris and Cheryl formed a tight bond during their long hours in the ballroom and studio. Chris called his partner "a friend for life." Exchanging compliments, Cheryl said, "You've really exceeded my expectations every single week."

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff were left in jeopardy until the tail end of the show, but 'The Karate Kid' wasn't put on the chopping block quite yet. "Dancing With the Stars" waltzes back to ABC next Monday with all new dances.