James Durbin Crowned 'King' of 'Idol' Court


Charming the judges and audience, James Durbin secured his place as an "American Idol" frontrunner by crooning to Carole King's hit "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"

Enthused, Randy Jackson proclaimed, "That was incredible. Not only the performance of the night and you know what I think guys? This guy might just win the whole thing!"

Jennifer Lopez was just as impressed. "I thought from the beginning it was magical...You had me moving up here for the first time all night. You are going to be the star of the night with that one," she professed.

The song took Steven Tyler on a trip down memory lane. While on a bowling date, "That's the first song I made out to a girl with," he said.

Was James' fate sealed with a kiss? Tune in to Fox on Thursday night to find out if he is safe or going home. Watch a clip of the performance that knocked Randy's socks off.