Casey Abrams: 'I Met My Goals. I Kissed Jennifer Lopez'


Casey Abrams couldn't be saved twice. Five weeks after the "American Idol" judges opted to keep Casey in the competition he was finally eliminated this past Thursday. Speaking with ET Casey told us, "I was probably about 20% shocked that it happened, maybe even less," says Abrams. "I felt like I could go right now, it's fine. I met my goals. I kissed Jennifer Lopez. So it's not a bad time to go."

And what about rumors of a relationship with "Idol" contestant Haley Reinhart, who he sang a duet with of Carole King's 'I Feel the Earth Move'? "We are a musical item. That's what we are. It's nothing more than that," though he says she is the one he will miss most. "I got along with her the most. I hung out with her the most. We laughed at the same stupid things...It's the little things like that."

With Casey gone, "American Idol" is down to five. Tune in to FOX Wednesday and Thursday nights to see who makes it through. And though he will be missed, do not fret "Idol" fans for Casey will be joining the other top 'Idols' on tour this summer.