Jane Lynch Promises 'Great Shocker' For 'Glee' Prom Queen


Only a few more days until Junior prom hits McKinley high on 'Glee,' and lucky us! -- we caught up with some of the cast as they dished a spoiler or two about the episode everyone's been waiting for.

Although Jane Lynch remained infuriatingly tight-lipped about the specifics, she promises "there will be a great shocker who wins" the prom king and queen titles. What she can tell is that "everyone" performs a number, including Blaine (Darren Criss), featuring "amazing" numbers by New Directions.

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated of events is an intense scene in the upcoming episode's teaser, which features an angry Quinn (Dianna Agron) slapping Rachel (Lea Michele) at some point on Prom Night. When asked about the confrontation, Lea Michele said the slap was inevitable between the characters, but the upside of it is "pretending to be slapped is hilarious."

Darren Criss admits he didn't attend his senior prom because he was grounded, but was able to tag along at a friend's. He says, "if anything [the fake prom] was a little more fun"because i was making a living out of it as opposed to stressing out about it."

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