'How I Met Your Mother' Cast Dish New Season Details


The cast of "How I Met Your Mother" took a break from shooting to discuss the success of their show as well as what to expect in the new season with ET's Nancy O'Dell.

From under the radar to being one of television's most watched sitcoms, Jason Segel and the cast expressed their excitement for the show's popularity thanks to the growing fan base while Alyson Hannigan conveyed on how the continuation of the show helps more than just the stars.

"It's really cool," Alyson said. "I just felt so happy for our crew you know to know that for two years they all have jobs and just that our family gets to stay together."

As for learning more about the new season, Nancy realized getting anything from the tight-lipped cast would be wishful thinking, and Josh Radnor didn't help with his cryptic statement. "We started the season at the wedding and we end the season at the wedding with a little more information at the end."

Check out the video to hear more from the cast and see behind-the-scenes footage!