Tina Fey Brings Sarah Palin Impression Back to 'SNL'


When it was announced that Tina Fey would be hosting "SNL," many were wondering "will she or won't she" step back into the Palin power suit. This weekend, she answered those questions with a resounding "yes" in a hilarious reprisal of her infamous parody of the former vice-presidential candidate.

The sketch depicts Palin in an undeclared Republican candidate debate for the 2012 presidential election, which has her head to head with Donald Trump, played by "SNL" alum Darrell Hammond.

Fey, as Palin, pokes fun at Sarah's feud with Katie Couric, as well as a surprising announcement that she has a cameo in 'The Hangover 3.'

Watch the video to catch Tina Fey bring on the laughs, and don't miss an all-new "Saturday Night Live," next Saturday on NBC.