Could It Be 'CSI: New York''s Final Season?


With TV's long-awaited upfront presentations less than a week away, ET gets a breakdown from TV Guide Magazine's senior critic Matt Roush on which shows are likely to return in the fall and which ones could be axed. 

Among the shows Matt thinks are "on the bubble" this time around: ABC's drama "Brothers & Sisters," NBC's "The Event," "Law & Order: Los Angeles" and "Chuck." Those likely to return include: ABC's "Desperate Housewives," CBS's police drama "Blue Bloods" and NBC's "Harrys' Law" and "Parenthood." 

At CBS, while the "CSI" crime drama franchise has been hugely successful, Matt said it might be the end of the road for the network's New York-themed show. "'CSI: NY' has been around awhile and CBS has a history of taking some of their long-running crime shows and just retiring them so they can bring new ones on the schedule, and that may happen to 'CSI: NY.' It just may be its time to go," he said. The CBS shows "The Defenders" and "$#*! My Dad Says" are also long shots to come back, according to Matt. 

Watch the video to hear more predictions for show cancellations and to hear about the prospects for bringing "Charlie's Angels" back to TV!