Celeb Fit or Fad: Kirstie Alley

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Today Consumer Reports picked Jenny Craig as the winning diet plan in America, but former Jenny Craig spokeswoman Kirstie Alley may be less than thrilled about that. Kirstie recently opened a store in Los Angeles for the first USDA-certified organic weight loss program, Organic Liaison, which mixes advice on eating organic foods with access to online tools and organic dietary supplements. On the company website, Kirstie exclaims in a video, "I've lost 50 pounds...we're trying to do it the way that is the sanest and the safest and also the most nutritious."

Monday night's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" saw Kirstie experiencing fatigue, as she warned partner Max during a pre-show rehearsal, "Hold on a second, I think I'm going to pass out." Kirstie explained, "I don't think I've eaten enough... today I've probably had 150 calories." When partner Max insisted that they stop rehearsing, he asked her daily caloric intake, to which Kirstie revealed, "1400." Max responded, "I don't think that's enough."

Verdict ?

While consumer comments on DietsinReview.com seem mostly positive, the diet's newness doesn't have as much research behind it as better known diet plans. The Mayo Clinic does say that eating organic foods vs. conventionally produced foodstuffs is, "comparable in their nutrient content." Kirstie reveals that her weight loss weaknesses are cravings and a big appetite in the company’s press release, saying, "I wanted my line to obliterate these hurdles. For me, it has!"