Jason Sudeikis' Fears on His MTV Hosting Gig


"Saturday Night Live" cast member Jason Sudeikis has a few butterflies about his first time at the MTV Movie Awards, which is understandable considering he's hosting the ceremony.

"Falling down at some point," Jason said when asked what he feared the most about providing the entertainment for MTV's big night.

Fortunately for Jason, he had a few friends to call on for advice.

"I asked Sarah Silverman if I should do it," said Jason. "I asked Andy [Samberg] and he was like, 'Absolutely, you should do it.'"

Sarah emceed the event in 2007 while Andy took the helm in 2009. One tip the actor got from his famous friends was to book talent early if he came up with a casting idea for a sketch.

"Very showbizzy advice, I know," Jason admitted. "But helpful never the less."

Jason hasn't had a lot of time to focus on what he's most looking forward to, but he guessed that he'll "probably be really excited for that five minutes right after it's done."

Watch the MTV Movie Awards live at 9/8c on Sunday, June 5.