Hines Ward & Kym Johnson on the Pressures of the 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale


After bouncing back from her neck injury, pro dancer Kym Johnson pranced into the "Dancing with the Stars" finals with partner Hines Ward, and they don't seem to consider Kym's injury as grounds for playing it safe.

"I don't think 'Dancing with the Stars' is ever going to see a routine like this performed," Hines told us on Friday.

In spite of her injury Kym revealed that the couple won't "alter too much."

"It's still going to be very exciting," said Kym, who added that she feels "so much better day by day."

Hines is preparing to go up against Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley on Monday but he doesn't seem to be biting his nails just yet.

"I think the pressures are more on Chelsea and Kirstie because that's what they do - they're performers," Hines explained.

Although he might not be feeling nervous, Hines is far from complacent with his current progress in the dance competition, saying, "I want to win it. I didn't come this far not to give myself an opportunity to win this thing."

Watch the final three ballroom warriors battle for the mirror ball trophy Monday on ABC.