Celebrity Fit or Fad: Sara Rue

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Newlywed Sara Rue is on top of the world. Not only is she helping brides get fit hosting "Shedding for the Wedding," but the "Rules of Engagement" actress is also gracing Shape.com with photos that show her much slimmer figure since she lost over 50 pounds with Jenny Craig. The program that Carrie Fisher, Queen Latifah, and countless other celebrities have lost weight with was recently dubbed by Consumer Reports as the overall winner in its third round of diet Ratings.

Jenny Craig combines counseling with portion-controlled pre-packaged foods along with homemade side dishes. Its success to keep people on the diet was what gave it the edge over other diets. According to Consumer Reports, ninety-two percent of participants stuck with the Jenny Craig program for two years. Sara credits her ability to let go of guilt with helping her lose weight. Sara says her Jenny Craig Consultant, "tells me that just recognizing when I go off track is an improvement and a step toward my new healthy lifestyle."

Verdict: Fit

With Consumer Reports using a two-year study of 332 people to rate this diet among six other popular weight loss programs including the Atkins, Ornish, and Weight Watchers, their seal of approval is significant. However Consumersearch.com points out the downside of expensive food as a problem. So consider the cost if you're thinking about trying Jenny. Sara Rue's weight loss led to her wearing a bikini for the first time in her life.