WATCH: 'Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition' Contestant Loses 161 Lbs.


ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" debuted Monday night, a show chronicling an obese person's year spent with personal trainer Chris Powell.  The show's goal is for the person to safely lose half of their body weight during the course of the year, but it also focuses on the participant's transformation of not only their bodies but of who they are as individuals, shedding the emotional baggage brought on by years of being severely overweight.

The season premiere kicked off with 21-year-old Rachel, an elementary PE teacher who was roughly 200 lbs. overweight, and who had "given up on life."

"It makes me sick honestly, because I feel like I'm a disappointment," Rachel says at the beginning of her emotional episode. "I feel like my whole entire life is a disappointment. It's like, nothing that I do ... I have a trophy case full of trophies [but] none of that even seems like it can ever compensate for the fact that I'm a disappointment because of my weight. And I don't think I can ever make my parents proud until I do lose this weight," she says in tears.

Over the course of the year, she lost an incredible 161 pounds.

ET caught up with Rachel after her episode aired, where she admitted that she "bawled like a baby the whole entire time" while watching the series premiere, and that it served as a reminder for her to never go back to the way she was. She also revealed that she currently weighs around 200 pounds, and that while she hopes to get to the one-hundreds soon, it's more about living a healthy lifestyle for her than staring at the numbers on the scale.

"It's not a number anymore, it's about how I feel and how physically fit I am," she stresses. "My main goal is to stay healthy and to learn to live this lifestyle to the best."

And how has her personal life changed since losing a significant amount of weight? Aside from a newfound love for shopping, she also reveals there is now someone special in her life.

"There is someone that I'm interested in right now, but we're taking it very slow and seeing where it goes, and seeing what the Lord has for us," Rachel giggles.

Check out the video to see highlights of Rachel's intense weight loss journey and her incredible transformation.