Celeb Sweat: Brooke Shields

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Forever young Brooke Shields just celebrated her 46th birthday in Manhattan with friends and family, but the model and actress, who's set to be honored at the Broadway Beacon Awards this month, started her career as early as 11 months old as an Ivory Soap Baby. Maintaining her slender yet feminine 5' 10" figure has always been a top priority, especially when she was a model in an iconic Calvin Klein Jeans commercial when she shot to fame. Older and wiser, she will soon take on the role of Morticia in The Addams Family on Broadway starting June 28th.

Brooke's dedication to one-hour workouts daily could be the key to keeping her looking so young. In addition to hiking or taking a spinning class, she says no to lifting weights, choosing to do yoga to keep her subtle muscle tone. In the way of food, Brooke kills carbs when she's looking to lose weight, and if a craving arises, she doesn't deny herself. .

Hottest Spot: Arms
Ish Moran

, a yoga instructor at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, California touts the chaturanga pose to tone the triceps. If Brooke's arms are any indication, she's likely mastered that pose years ago.

Guilty Pleasure: Dove Miniatures

She tells Fitness Magazine, "...I pop a couple of Dove Miniatures. I can satisfy myself without going overboard." Good to hear from a mother of 2 who may have gone through her share of cravings while still maintaining her superstar looks.

Favorite Sport: Bowling

Brooke was recently seen with her two daughters, Rowan, 8, and Grier, 5, at a New York City bowling alley celebrating a friend's birthday. Perhaps knocking down pins is her secret weapon against the dreaded chicken arms.