Marlee Matlin's 'Switched at Birth' Freakout


Marlee Matlin is returning to television in a guest starring role on the upcoming series "Switched at Birth," and she candidly explained to us how she would likely respond if such a blunder would happen to her in real life.

"If I had found out that one of my kids was switched at birth, all heads would roll," said Marlee, who is a mother of four. "At the same time, I can't imagine raising a child up to the teen years and then finding out that there's [another] biological mother out there. You never know what that person may be."

In the show, Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc play two teenage girls who find out that they were accidentally switched at birth.

One of the girls is deaf and Marlee, who lost most of her hearing as a small child, said that she was proud to be a part of a project where "hearing and deaf people work together [seamlessly]," but on the show, the girl's family struggles to adapt.

"When my character finds out that he's been raising basically the wrong child for 16 or 15 years, I think that it's sort of a classic 'I've been wronged; I'm going to get my revenge, but I'm going to also make it perfect' [situation]," said D.W. Moffett.

"It's been really educational for me to try to deal with that," said Lea Thompson. "It adds a whole richness - the deaf element - to the story and gives it something very different I've never seen before."

"Switched at Birth" premieres Monday June 6 on ABC Family.