Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Ranks Who's Hotter in Hollywood


The ladies invaded guy's night out at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards on Saturday, much to the liking of Dwayne Johnson.

"Well, Mila [Kunis] won the [Holy Grail of Hot] award," said Dwayne when ET's Chris Jacobs asked who the former wrestling star considered to be the most attractive between Mila and Minka Kelly. The actor quickly retracted, saying, "Both of them are hot."

Dwayne beat out Mark Wahlberg for the Biggest Ass-kicker award, but the Oscar-nominated actor didn't hold a grudge.

"I've worked with Dwayne before and the guy's such a sweet guy," said Mark who wound up grabbing the statuette for Guy of the Year. "And he's as funny as he is cool."

Minka Kelly is currently filming the ABC reboot of the hit classic "Charlie's Angels" and she revealed the pressure that she feels to live up to the hype, saying, "It's a really big deal and I just hope that we don't let all the fans down."

Other winners for the night included Sean Penn who accepted his mantlers from Robert DeNiro for 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' being inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame.

Sean recently split up with girlfriend Scarlett Johansson and the Spike TV Awards marked the first time the former couple was spotted at the same place since their break up.

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