Jim Parsons Makes a 'Bang' on 'iCarly'


Miranda Cosgrove gets hit with a 'Big Bang' when Jim Parsons invades "iCarly" and ET was there! Jim has been a fan of the show and Miranda's so obviously he wanted in on the action. "It's so well done, it's so much fun and people started doing guest spots on here...I finally talked to my people and was like 'we know people,' would they consider letting me come on and do something?"

Jim plays, 'Caleb,' a psychiatric patient who, "claims to know things that are going to happen and one of them is very specific to Carly." Miranda was more than happy to bring Jim on even if he plays a psych patient, saying, "I love Jim Parsons, he is the sweetest guy ever and he is really funny." That sentiment seemed to ring throughout the cast with Miranda saying, "everybody was so excited to have him here. The last few weeks when we found out he was going to be on the show everybody's been freaking out." Regarding the episode she says "it's kind of like 'Back to the Future' in a way. He convinces one of the characters on 'iCarly,' Gibby, that he can see the future."

Those of you expecting to get a little dose of Sheldon in Caleb, think again. As Jim explains, Caleb "is so out of touch with his mental faculties whereas Sheldon is more in touch with his mental faculties and more able to utilize them than really any human being I've ever met." Miranda agrees, "he gets to put a lot into it because it's something so different and kind of crazy."

And if you just can't get enough of Miranda and "iCarly," this Saturday June 11 is the premiere of the "iCarly" event "iParty with Victorious" that will see a cross-over of sorts with another Nickelodeon hit series "Victorious." And keep an eye out for First Lady Michelle Obama who will make a guest appearance on an episode airing sometime in January. Stay tuned to Nickelodeon for more of "iCarly."