Jon Cryer on Alec Baldwin's Rumored Run for Mayor: 'New York Could Do A Lot Worse'


Alec Baldwincaused a bit of a tizzy last week after he posted it's "a long way till November of 2013" to his Twitter account, along with a link to the song "New York, New York." The move prompted some serious queries as to the "30 Rock" star's seriousness, but Jon Cryer admits, if true, Baldwin would make an "awesome"  mayor.

"It'll be a funny few years, that's for sure," says Jon Cryer. He doesn't write off the possible run as silly, rather he admits"New York could do a lot worse than Alec Baldwin."

When asked about how the newest "Two and a Half" addition, Ashton Kutcher, is doing on the job, he tells us they haven't rehearsed together, joking they haven't communicated yet with "nary a text" nor a "tweet."

Watch the video to hear more from Jon, and much more from the many celebs in attendance to the 2011 Tony Awards in NYC.

The Tony Awards were broadcast live from New York's Beacon Theatre on Sunday night on CBS.