'The Bachelorette' Still Love Struck for Bentley

'The Bachelorette' Still Love Struck for Bentley

Ashley Hebert and her entourage of bachelors packed their luggage for a trip to Thailand on Monday's "The Bachelorette." Some unwanted baggage, a la Bentley drama, followed them overseas. Even after last week's traumatic heartbreak, Ashley confessed she still has feelings for the season's token villain.

Admitting to Chris Harrison she had a "woman's intuition" that Bentley was her man, Ashley was pleasantly surprised when she opened her heart to the potential candidates still in the running.

Ashley and Constantine didn't let it rain on their parade during their one-on-one date. Due to inclement weather, they had to cancel their nautical excursion and settle for a walk through town. To immerse themselves in the foreign culture, they asked a local for the secret to his 36-year marriage. Through a translator, the man advised them, "Don't try to win."

Before the end of the date, he was presented with a rose. "There's definite chemistry between Constantine and I," Ashley gushed. "I feel like I have a little bit of my heart back, so I'm ready to start being able to give it away."

On a group date, Ashley took the gentlemen on a philanthropic mission to Baan San Fan Orphanage to "create a family for these children who lost their parents" in the tsunami. The charitable effort "forever changed" J.P. Ashley described her lip-locks with J.P. as "magical" and "the best kisses I've had here yet by far."

Ashley was "really impressed" by Ben F. while painting a mural in the orphanage. The couple later shared a passionate kiss. "This kiss with Ben F. was really, really good. I think a lot of it had to do with me really feeling it in an emotional way," she said of her spiritual awakening with the wine connoisseur.

Ivy Leaguer Ames also had his chance to swoon Ashley on a lucrative solo date. Using his way with words, Ames poetically said while kayaking through a cavernous landscape, "Navigating these beautiful caves is exactly like navigating a relationship. Around every corner you really don't know what to expect, but often there's something beautiful."

Though they had a deep conversation about their thoughts on raising children and spontaneous lifestyles, they did not play a game of tonsil hockey. "Ashley and I didn't kiss tonight, but we did something much more intimate than kiss," Ames said. "We talked about very serious things and I feel like we have a strong foundation to build on." Ashley felt a mutual connection, thus gifting him with a rose. Having a revelation, she revealed, "There's so much good that I see in him that I could potentially see in a husband and I'm afraid that I would have overlooked him if Bentley was still here."

Even though Bentley drove off into the night, there is one more guy the other men are irritated by—Ryan P. Blake even pulled him aside to discuss his personality and intentions. Ashley also inquired about his excessive happiness. Apparently his explanation was satisfactory because he was offered a rose at the ceremony. Ryan P. fully understands that his continued presence will "cause friction around the house."

With no rules this season, Ashley requested that an additional rose be added to the platter this week. The one unlucky bachelor sent home was West. Ashley had a heart to heart with him expressing her concern of "filling the shoes" of his deceased wife.

Will the mood of "The Bachelorette" shift again next Monday when Ashley gets a surprise visitor in the hotel? Tune in to ABC on Monday to see who the blast from the past turns out to be.