Ryan O'Neal on Losing Touch with Tatum O'Neal: 'It's Embarrassing'


Tatum O'Neal
gave us her side of the story, now it's Ryan O'Neal's turn.

Our Samantha Harris sat down with Ryan as he went in-depth on his new reality series with his daughter (one he thought to be a sitcom), but more importantly rebuilding his relationship with Tatum.

Ryan admits to being unaware of his daughter's whereabouts through the years, but was still courageous enough to show remorse for his actions and even added a glimmer of hope as far as reconciliation's concerned.

"It's embarrassing," Ryan stated. "I don't know how that happened. I'm only learning now how to [for us] find a way back. We're working on it."

Despite the I don't knows, Ryan revealed how his relationship with the late Farrah Fawcett could have possibly helped create a chasm between him and Tatum.

"We just met and it was Tatum's standpoint that I had lost interest in my family and I had found a new interest in my life," Ryan disclosed. "That appalled her and so she fled."

Hear more from Ryan, including his answer to the question everyone would like to know: Would he had given up his time with Farrah to have kept Tatum in his life? It's all in the video!