Celeb Sweat: Raven-Symone

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The 3-year old we witnessed on "The Cosby Show" is all grown up and as of late has slimmed down. Raven-Symone didn't mention a trainer or a specific diet as her way to losing weight, rather she said, "I stopped stressing." After mentioning the grueling job of carrying the Disney show "That's So Raven" at the tender age of 15, she says the weight fell off after she switched to smaller portions. About working out, she said she does do it, but doesn't like to sweat because of her hair. Raven will be on full display as she stars as Georgia in ABC Family's new series "State of Georgia", which premieres June 29th at 8:30p/7:30 central.

Hottest Spot: Smile
Although her voluptuous figure is so much more than hot, Raven's smile is completely infectious and quite steamy in the age of serious stars who find it hard to show their teeth.

Guilty Pleasure: Baked Ziti
Raven has cooked the dish on an episode of "Inside Dish with Rachael Ray" as well as "Irene Cooking with the Stars". Her Italian Godparents are mentioned as the inspiration of this dish which Raven says her mother used to make for her birthday.

Favorite Sport: Wrestling
While we've not seen her wrestle, she once took on hosting duties at the WWE's Wrestlemania, promoting their support of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.