Ames Fights for 'Bachelorette' Ashley's Heart


It is the fantasy of many girls to have two guys fighting over her. That dream became all too real for Ashley Hebert when the book-smart Ames got a big fat F in the boxing ring on Monday night's "The Bachelorette."

The normally peaceful Ivy Leaguer was thrown into a muay thai match with Ryan while out on a group date with Ashley and six other eligible bachelors. As if foreshadowing his own grim future, Ames said before the joust, "I have not been in a fight in my life. We can wind up with black eyes, broken noses. Ashley's worth it." Ryan overpowered Ames, pelting him in the head. The injured Ames was taken by ambulance to the hospital and diagnosed with a "mild concussion."

To the relief of Ashley and his fellow worried contestants, he was discharged in time to triumphantly rejoin the group date that night. When Ashley congratulated Ryan for his victory, he responded, "I wouldn't classify that as awesome. I felt so bad to do that to Ames."

On a one-on-one date with Ben F., Ashley and the winemaker put their chemistry to the test while immersing themselves in the culture of Chiang Mai, Thailand. With their lips drawing closer and closer, Ashley bursted his bubble by reminding him that it's not respectful to kiss in front of a sacred temple. To help resist the temptation, the lovebirds kissed the air, imagining the real thing.

Ben gushed, "It's almost as if I have that little playful, giddy, puppy dog love thing inside of me." Ashley also felt a connection, realizing, "Ben was saying everything I was hoping to hear…I can see a life with Ben." Before the end of their intimate time together, the Sonoma, CA resident accepted a rose.

Tension escalated on a two-on-one date that William and Ben C. shared with Ashley. William pulled her aside and in what could be perceived as malicious, told her that Ben has told the other guys he was planning to join an online dating website when he was done with filming "The Bachelorette." Growing afraid Ben was another heartbreaker like Bentley, Ashley abruptly sent him packing. William's ego inflated prematurely because Ashley no longer felt a spark between them. Instead of pinning a rose to his collar, she tossed it in the fire.

Despite developing feelings for her narrowed pool of contenders, Ashley revealed in a heart to heart conversation with host Chris Harrison that she is still distraught over the departure of Bentley. "I feel guilty like I'm cheating on somebody right now," she confessed in her confused state. The villain's return to the show is seemingly imminent, but has been postponed for another week. Last week's and this week's episodes both ended by teasing a surprise visitor in the hotel.

Nick was the third bachelor to be eliminated Monday night. Let down, he said, "I think she's missing out on the perfect husband." Will Ashley find closure with Bentley on next week's "The Bachelorette?" Tune in to ABC next Monday night to watch the drama unfold in Hong Kong.