'So You Think You Can Dance' Contestant Suffers Bloody Mishap During Routine


Last week, a rehearsal injury prevented "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Mitchell Kelly from performing, however, as fans finally got the chance to see Caitlynn and Mitchell dance as a couple, it was Caitlynn's turn to leave the floor wounded.

Both Mitchell and Caitlynn emerged from their routine with blood on their faces, but it was quickly determined that the injury was Caitlynn's, not Mitchell's. Thankfully, the injury turned out to be minor.

The blood didn't seem to faze Caitlynn, rather she laughingly said, "Mitchell accidentally punched me, it's okay."

Though there was serious question as to whether the couple's' lost week would cost them the competition, judge Mary Murphy praised their routine as "flawless," adding that she was grateful Mitchell did not go home last week so that everyone could see their remarkable dance.

Caitlynn and Mitchell weren't the only couple to suffer a mishap; contestants Ricky and Ryan performed a routine so rigorously sexy to the 80's classic, "Addicted to Love," that part of Ryan's bodice ripped loose, exposing a great deal of the dancer's double stick tape. The display was not enough to garner censorship, but pretty darn close.

Watch the video for a recap last night's mishaps, and don't miss the "SYTYCD" results show when it airs tonight on FOX.