William Names J.P. as Leader of 'Bachelorette' Pack


Ashley Hebert didn't find her prince charming in William Holman on "The Bachelorette," but he gave ET an inside perspective on who he thinks her Mr. Right may be.

Coming out of the gates, William viewed himself, Ben F., J.P., and even the controversial Bentley as serious contenders for Ashley's heart. He witnessed Constantine "grow on her" as time progressed. Finding Ames intriguing, he wishes "we had a separate show" to fully get to know the character.

By the time he was ousted this past Monday, William was finding it increasingly difficult to date Ashley when he saw the deep connection between her and J.P. Calling J.P. a "true friend" and an "outstanding guy," William saw the two gazing at each other like "they're really in love" and felt a tinge of guilt for intruding upon that.

As a former roommate of Bentley in the mansion, William swears "he never said any of those things he said on TV." To hopefully find closure, Ashley and Bentley reunite in Hong Kong on this upcoming Monday's episode. "We all felt like Bentley would come back because we saw the connection we thought they had," William told ET.

Had he still been part of the show upon Bentley's anticipated return, he "would have been happy" to see him, but would undoubtedly "question why he didn't stick around." At the end of Monday's show, the tease included some bachelors revolting against Ashley for allowing Bentley back into her life and hinted that some men may decide to withdraw from the competition. "I don't know if I would have left," William presumes. "That's such a tough thing. If I was there, I might have had a different feeling."

The man who labeled himself the "30-year-old child" is aware that "girls are looking for someone who's mature…I want to have children." Still, William insists, he wants to remain "a kid at heart," taking a fun approach to life and "make people laugh every day."

That wasn't the only comment to get William in trouble with Ashley. Despite acknowledging his roast of Ashley was not his "finest moment," he said he's been approached by comedians about further developing his stand-up talent.

William was excused from the running on a low note, soon after telling Ashley that Ben C. was "insincere" and spoke about online dating. "If I could talk to him, I would definitely let him know I owe him a lot for how it came out," William said apologetically. He confessed he "didn't feel I would get a rose" on the two-on-one date, given his downward spiral with Ashley. Their initial spark in Vegas at their almost-wedding was tossed to the wayside as her feelings for contestants like Bentley and J.P. developed.

To continue following Ashley's journey towards love, watch "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights on ABC. To see more of William, tune in to the season premiere of "Bachelor Pad" on August 1.