Celeb Sweat: Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton has a new show airing Wednesdays on Oxygen, "The World According to Paris."  In addition to a recent break up from beau Cy Waits, she's also enjoying more oxygen in her blood these days with a healthy lifestyle of jogging and eating better. Exchanging parties, coffee and Red Bull for organic foods and documentaries on healthy eating, Hilton reportedly weighs 115 pounds and tells People, "I'm really happy with the weight I'm at, I feel like it's healthy and normal … I'm just making smart choices."

Hottest Spot: Bodice

The heiress known for saying, "That's Hot" flaunts her upper body, with sexy collarbones, shoulders and a neckline that is to die for. Whether draped with diamonds or bare with her platinum blonde locks cascading, Paris knows how to work her bodice with any outfit.

Guilty Pleasure: Greek Food

Hilton recently tweeted: "Ordered in Greek food while watching movies in bed with @NickyHilton. Love my sister! :)"

Favorite Sport: Motorcycle Racing
Maverick Vinales
of Spain recently won his first race for the Paris Hilton-sponsored SupermartXe VIP motorcycle racing squad.