Quick Change Artists Dominate 'America's Got Talent'


He's baaaaaaack. Leonid the Magnificent has come out of his four-season retirement to take a third stab at the "America's Got Talent" jackpot.

Debuting a new skill as a quick change artist, the flamboyant "AGT" veteran returned to clown around. After being scoffed at by the judges in previous years, the third time was the charm. Leonid was given the magnificent ticket to Vegas.

Continuing with the theme of disrobing before the audience's very eyes, a two-sided and two-ended girl switched outfits standing up and while doing handstands. Watch the clip to see Narcissister's topsy-turvy routine.

Two other routines really struck a chord with the judges and fans. Shemika Charles shimmied her way under an unbelievably low limbo stick. Meanwhile, 75-year-old Ed Cole left nothing to the imagination, wearing a teensy-weensy speedo to showcase his toned body building muscles.

"America's Got Talent" airs on NBC.