Julie Chen's 'Big Brother' House Tour


Will season 13 be lucky for the cast of "Big Brother"? New episodes of the long-running CBS hit premiere July 7, and we're getting a personal tour from host Julie Chen. Watch the video!

"We always say expect the unexpected," says Julie. "So this year, things you would expect to find outside, you're going to find inside, and things you would expect to see inside, you'll going to find outside."

This season's house has a Venice, CA theme -- since the show is filmed in Los Angeles -- complete with surfboards, bikes, barbecues, graffiti, a weightlifting station and even a tarot card reader! Of course, the back yard has a pool and a hot tub – and there's a colorful bedroom inspired by Katy Perry, and one of brushed steel inspired by architect Frank Gehry.

For those not in the know by now, "Big Brother" rounds up a group of people to live together 24/7, with more than 50 cameras and microphones outfitted throughout the house to capture every waking moment. Each week the houseguests compete in various competitions and one person is voted out of the house until the last person standing receives the grand prize of $500,000.