Charlize Theron 'At Peace' With Her Father's Killing


In 2007, it was revealed that at 15, Academy Award winner Charlize Theron was witness to her father's death in an act of self-defense at the hands of her mother. Last night, Charlize spoke to CNN's Piers Morgan about that night in the hope that her mother wouldn't become infamous for a terrible incident which has, until now, come to define her mom publicly.

Theron assures Piers she's "at peace" with her father's killing, and rather than focus on the horrifying death of her father, she instead praises her mother's "resilience" as "amazing." "I know all daughters or children will say this, it sounds very biased, but she is very unique," Theron tells Piers. "She's saved my life many times."

"We always tend to talk about that night," Theron says. "I feel that it's wrong that that's the event that people always talk about."

Watch the video to hear more from Charlize's candid interview.

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