Watch: Stage Mothers Collide in New Lifetime Show 'Dance Moms'


A dance coach threatening pint-sized dance hopefuls? Moms screaming and sniping at each other? Both elements are in the mix in a look at Lifetime's new reality show, "Dance Moms."

"Moms come from all over to bring their children to me," instructor Abby Lee Miller says, and proclaims to the assembled little girls, "I can make you, or I can break you!"

The moms aren't much more warm and fuzzy, with one screaming at another, "How many times has my daughter beat your daughter?"

"Melissa is sneaky and she lies," one comments, while another claims, "Christi is just jealous of me and my daughter."

Taking the cake, however, is a fur-clad mom, who (with her little girl by her side) states defiantly, "If Vivi comes to me and says that she wants to play softball, I'll probably slit my wrists."

For all the dance drama, tune in to "Dance Moms" Wednesday, July 13 on Lifetime.