Diane Sawyer on Her 'Astonishing' Interview with Kidnap Victim Jaycee Dugard


Diane Sawyer sits down with ET to reveal surprising details from her ABC News interview with kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard

Sawyer said her exclusive interview with Dugard, 31, showed the woman's incredible strength and determination during her horrific 18-year captivity by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. "She astonishes me on 1,000 levels. And I do not say this often, but facing a birth, and then another, in a backyard, without hospital care, without really knowing at all what's going to be involved. Having nothing but the videos that you watched to try to get you through. It just says to me that she's made of some enormous strength -- no matter her age -- she has enormous strength and enormous will to live," Sawyer said.

In the interview, Sawyer said Dugard recounts intimate details about the kidnapping and being locked away in rooms for six years without going outside or even seeing the sun. "She's going to help people learn how to survive the unsurvivable and she's going to make sure that every one of us loves every day of our lives."

Sawyer said ABC News is also investigating why police never discovered Dugard despite making repeated visits to Garrido's home. "Our Chris Cuomo is investigating the fact that 60 times (police) came
to the house -- 60 times. And didn't look in the backyard or look
sufficiently in order to find her, she was there the whole time. There
were other people who overlooked obvious, obvious strange events that
everybody could have reacted to." 

Watch the video for more details on Sawyer's exclusive sit-down with Dugard and be sure to catch the entire interview this Sunday, July 10 during a special two-hour edition of ABC's "Primetime."