Chris Colfer Found Out He Was Leaving 'Glee' on Twitter

Chris Colfer Found Out He Was Leaving 'Glee' on Twitter

Chris Colfer has good news to celebrate today, having received his second Emmy nomination this morning, but last night he found out via social media that he'll be out of a job come a year from now.

Last night, news broke that Chris, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith would not be returning to "Glee" after this coming season, and Chris tells ET, "I looked on my Twitter replies and that's how I found out, I was like, oh, oh, okay, I guess they announced something."

He says it wasn't a complete shock, however: "We had kind of known since the beginning, since we started the show, that these characters were going to grow up and they were going to graduate eventually. I don't think I thought it was going to happen so soon, necessarily, but I think we knew something like this was coming."

On his Emmy nom, he tells ET he is "very happy" and adds, "This morning I was dead asleep and my dad called me. .. I've made it to the point where if a phone rings very early in the monrning, I no longer think someone is dead, so I think it's progress. … It would be nice to have a buddy for my [Golden Globe] to play with while I'm away at work, like cats."

About filming his last season on "Glee," he says, "I'm excited because now it's like, well, here it is, better bring it now, so I think it actually adds more excitement to it."