Josh Duhamel Back on 'All My Children!'


Before he battled those bots or ruled the roulette wheel, Josh made a name for himself (and won an Emmy in the process) playing Leo du Pres on "All My Children." And on August 4 one of the show's most enduring mysteries -- What Happened To Leo du Pres? -- will finally be solved!

Josh returns to Pine Valley for the first time since Leo took an icy plunge in 2003 to save the life of his beloved Greenlee. Fans have spent the last eight years wondering if Leo actually died as a result of the dive since his body was never found. And thanks to these brand new pictures we finally have the answer: No!

But Josh and Leo's return is bittersweet since it comes as "All My Children" counts down to its final show ever in September. Thankfully this dark cloud has a silver lining since ABC recently confirmed that along with "One Life To Live," "AMC" would continue on as an internet series!

Tune into ABC on August 4 to finally learn how Leo survived his death-defying plunge!