One Ousted Bachelor Returns, Another Bails on Ashley

One Ousted Bachelor Returns, Another Bails on Ashley

The majestic facade of Fiji offered an unlikely setting for a tumultuous episode of "The Bachelorette" on Monday night. Ashley Hebert got a surprise visit from one suitor she broke things off with weeks ago and one of her final three bachelors honorably exited the competition on his own terms.

The revolving door of "The Bachelorette" continued. No, it's not what you think. Bentley stayed home this time, but Ryan wanted closure for his dot, dot, dot. Ashley's heart was "racing" as the ousted solar energy executive ambushed her at her hotel room. They sat down on her sofa to discuss. In short, he said, "I feel we didn't have a full chance." After giving the reunion thought over the course of a few days, she dumped Ryan again, citing that, although he is her perfect guy "on paper," she feels more "passion" with two of the other gentlemen. Hanging his head low, Ryan returned home to the States single once again.

Ashley went on one-on-one dates with each of her three remaining bachelors, J.P., Ben, and Constantine. Everything went so well with J.P. and Ben, they took their relationships to the next level with Ashley by spending the night with her in the elusive fantasy suite. Ashley found herself to be "most compatible" with Ben. In summation, she feels she and J.P. "compliment each other well."

The crystal blue waters allowed Constantine to see his blossoming relationship with Ashley crystal clear. After spending a lovely date together in the pristine Fiji landscape, Constantine and Ashley amicably decided it was time for him exit. "If we're going to be honest about it, this is the end of the road for me," Constantine nobly retreated. Although Ashley admitted to being "hurt," they agreed their relationship hadn't progressed at the lightning speed that her other two remaining relationships had. He sincerely didn't feel he'd be prepared to propose by the time filming wrapped.

Ashley revealed that she found it more difficult to breakup with Ryan for a second time than Constantine for a first. "For me, the hardest thing about breakups is knowing that the other person is so hurt by it and Ryan, I knew, I could see it in his eyes. With Constantine, he was the one that initiated the breakup."

In happier news, J.P. and Ben each received a rose. They'll be staying in Fiji for another week, where the guys will be introduced to Ashley's family. Promos show that her sister will stir up some turbulence in this otherwise placid locale.

Tune in to ABC next week for a super-sized serving of "The Bachelorette." All the hoopla begins on Sunday with the reunion of the eliminated bachelors on "Men Tell All." Then, on Monday, Ashley will hopefully become a bride-to-be when she selects the man of her dreams. Following the season finale, the secret couple will go public with their relationship for the first time on "After the Final Rose."