SNEAK PEEK: Cee Lo Green Lends Musical Talent to New Campaign


Recording star Cee Lo Green is teaming up with 7UP to promote a campaign of "Be Clear But Don't Be Invisible" and we've got a behind-the-scenes look from the set.

"I've been drinking 7UP since I was a kid, I can honestly say, Cee Lo tells ET about his involvement with the beverage company. "And I'm here shooting the commercial because we've joined forces because this new campaign is called 'Be Clear But Don't Be Invisible.' Meaning, 7UP and myself, we're both advocates of individuality and want to encourage that using the platform and the influence that we have."

The artist jokes that they'll soon patent the color of the 7UP can, to be called "Cee Lo Green." As if shooting the commercial and continuing to perform and record were
not enough, Cee Lo is also returning as a judge on "The Voice" for
season two.

Watch the video to also see ET's Samantha Harris put Cee Lo through her "speed round," in which the singer will have to think fast on his feet while revealing details about himself.