'Jeopardy' Host Alex Trebek Suffers Injury Chasing Thief

Getty Images

Alex Trebek, 71, chased a burglar out of his San Francisco hotel room on Tuesday, injuring himself in the process.

According to a report from KRON, a local TV station in San Francisco, a suspect entered a hotel room at approximately 3:00 AM and attempted to steal some personal items. The suspect's plans were thwarted when Alex woke up and chased her out of the room. Alex injured his leg running after her, but police were able to apprehend the woman identified as Lucinda Moyers.

Police reports disclose that some of the stolen items, which included a wallet and cash, were recovered but no money was found.

The "Jeopardy" host was staying in San Francisco because of the National Geographic World Championship that he is currently filming at Google headquarters in Mountain View.