Ashley & Gents Take Jabs at Bentley and Nominate Next 'Bachelor'


Following the heated taping of "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All," Ashley Hebert and some of her former suitors didn't hold back with ET. The word-slinging about Bentley continued backstage and a clear "Bachelor" favorite emerged.

Satisfied with his own surprise exit, Constantine Tzortzis weighed in on Bentley's noticeable absence from the taping. "I would encourage him to have come back. We've all gotten emails from him saying how it 'was edited wrong and they tricked me.' If that's the case man, step up." He wished Bentley had used the opportunity to explain his motivation for treating Ashley so poorly.

The other guys and even Ashley herself were a bit easier on him. "I don't harbor any type of resentment," Ashley said forgivingly. William Holman hopes Bentley's recovering well from this debacle because "I heard a lot of horrible things that are going on with him in Utah." The nonconfrontational Ames Brown wouldn't have whipped out his pink boxing gloves to take a swing at Bentley, echoing Ashley in that he's moved beyond that saga.

A lot of buzz is surrounding which hunk will have the chance to swoon a lineup of beautiful women of his own on the next season of "The Bachelor." Ames is without a question the favorite amongst his peers. Ashley nominated him saying, "He has so much going on for him and I think he would make somebody very happy," while also considering endorsing Ryan Park.

William concurred, raving, "The guy is the whole package. America loves him." Ryan singled out Ames' best qualities as "genuine," "polite," and "intelligent." Constantine gave the scholarly heartthrob a stamp of approval, calling him "a renaissance man." Ames is handling the sudden attention humbly, expressing his confidence in the producers to find him the woman of his dreams. He blushed, "they found Ashley and she is as close to perfect as I've ever met, so I would just let them do their thing again."

This past Monday's episode had two major standout storylines, interestingly not involving the final men. Ryan told ET that he feels complacent with his decision to ambush Ashley in Fiji even though he didn't get the "magical ending" he sought. Rejection was hard on both occasions, but "the second time I had at least had time to prepare for it."

Constantine had the chance to clear the air and defend his withdrawal "My decision to leave was based on the simple fact that I knew the next step meant marriage and proposal and in my mind I only want to use that once," he said with morality. "I only want to propose to one person and in my heart I wasn't ready for that." Ashley agreed it was "a very mutual departure."

For the entire war of words between the very vocal "Bachelorette" bunch, watch "Men Tell All" on Sunday night on ABC. Just one day later, on Monday, "The Bachelorette" finale airs, followed by the annual "After the Final Rose."