Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Postpone Nuptials

Getty Images

Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky had to postpone her wedding to Roberto Martinez...because she could not walk down the aisle!

The 26-year-old fractured her femur while kickboxing and underwent surgery in July. She told People magazine that she would like to wait to tie the knot until she's fully recovered. "I don't want to limp down the aisle," she explained.

Of course, the decision to postpone was not easy. "I definitely shed some tears," Ali confided. But despite the ceremony's setback, the couple is still very much in love, and they already feel like "a good old married couple." "We live together; we do everything together; we plan for the future together..." she gushed. "The only thing that's not saying 'I'm married' is another ring on my finger and a piece of paper."