Piers Morgan Accuses Mills in McCartney Hacking


In what conventionally serves as a platform for light-hearted celebrity interviews, the late night program Conan took a rather dark turn when Piers Morgan was asked about the recent hacker headlines concerning his good friend Paul McCartney.

Just last week, McCartney revealed he suspects he is one of the many celebrities afftected by the phone hacking scandal within the Daily Mail/ News of the World staff in Britain, and the whole mess of it has Morgan "hacked off."

Heather Mills, McCartney's ex-wife claims the organization was directly involved in intercepted phone messages during a period of time Morgan was editor of the now defunct paper, and the not-so-slight jab had Piers fuming.

"I suspect [the hacker] is Heather Mills," Morgan told Conan last night. "I suspect what she was doing was hiding herself from the whole thing which makes it all the more mysterious."

Piers continues, "If you study the divorce papers, Paul McCartney accused Heather then of hacking into his phones and passing information to the papers."

The host of Piers Morgan Tonight closed the rant with an apology. Morgan, however, does not ask forgiveness of Mills for the perceived wrong-doing, rather Piers tells Conan he wanted to apologize to Paul for "introducing him to Heather" in the first place.