Preview Sarah Michelle Gellar's TV Return!

Preview Sarah Michelle Gellar's TV Return!

Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to television is one of the fall's most anticipated events, and now you can get a slick sneak peek at her CW series, Ringer!

Revolving around estranged twins Bridget and Siobhan, Ringer looks at the fallout from an identity swap that goes horribly awry. "Bridget is the typical young girl who grew up with nothing and never thought she’d amount to anything," Gellar says. "A lot of it goes back to self worth and self esteem – two things Bridget never had, which is the saddest thing you could grow up with."

"Siobhan, for some reason, always had that thing inside of her that said 'You're going to get out of this life, you're going to be better, life will be better.' But you don't always realize the cost you have to pay for either one of those lives. A lot of the first episode is about them coming to terms with that after being estranged for seven years."

And that is just the tipping point, according to the former Buffy star, who is returning to familiar surroundings at The CW network. "Ringer has an entire world to it. And for me, Buffy was that. It was an entire world. Everything had meaning, it wasn't dumbed down for the audience. They're smart and they want more – and a show like Buffy proves that. That's what I love about The CW, they're not afraid to push the envelope – and believe me, we plan to push it," she laughs.

Ringer premieres September 13 at 9pm on The CW.