Exclusive Clip: Colin Firth in Early TV Role


Dedicated fans can take a look back at the catalogue of actor Colin Firth when one of his early works streams online Monday, August 15.

Colin was far from an overnight success, having starred in a number of projects before his breakout role in The King's Speech garnered him an Oscar nomination. One of those projects, Lost Empires circa 1986, will be streaming on Acorn TV today.

In one of his first leading roles, a young Colin shares the screen with John Castle (The Lion in the Winter) and arguably the greatest actor of all time, Laurence Olivier (Marathon Man).

The Emmy-nominated miniseries is based on the novel by J.B. Priestley which follows Richard Herncastle (Firth), an actor who gets entangled in a web of love affairs while travelling across Britain with his uncle's performing troupe.