Vienna Made People Think I'm a Monster, Says Jake


It was a tense and memorable moment when Jake Pavelka walked into the Bachelor Paddoors last Monday, but as the reality star reveals, his feelings towards once-fiancee Vienna weren’t as settled as they had seemed.

"She made viewers think that I’m a monster," says Jake of his and Vienna's unforgettable post break-up interview in 2010. "She let a great, great guy slip right through her fingers. I would have loved her with everything I was for the rest of my life."

Jake explains that although he apologized to his former flame on the Bachelor Pad's season premiere, it was merely to say he was sorry that he raised his voice to her in last summer's televised interview following their nasty split.

As for the new guy in Vienna's life, Jake admits that they'd get along as "really good friends" had circumstances been different, which is why he warns new beau Kasey to "take heed."

"He's falling for the same illusion," explains Pavelka. "She got me in trouble and she's gonna get you in trouble, sir."

Watch Jake's candid interview for more of the former Bachelor star's not-so-kind words to Vienna.

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