Two Contestants Run Off 'Bachelor Pad'


Buckle your seatbelts for the curvy road leading up to the Bachelor Pad mansion. The twists and turns didn't end at the driveway. On this Monday's episode alone, one leading contestant threatened to leave, another stormed off, and a third chased true love.

All the singletons were targets, quite literally, in this week's challenge. The men lined up, blindfolded and turned backwards. One by one, the ladies tried to hit their least favorite bachelor with a paintball. Then, they reversed roles and the dudes aimed for the ladies. Jake Pavelka got splattered with paint time and time again as the most "intended target," thus fearing for his safety. Michael Stagliano and Melissa Schreiber came out on top, earning them immunity from elimination and the opportunity to choose three people each to take on a date.

Two was company and three was a crowd on Michael's date with ex-fiance Holly Durst, Michelle Money, and Erica Rose. He wound up giving Holly the rose, saving her from possible elimination during the ceremony. Emotional skeletons came out of the closet on this haunted, abandoned insane asylum date as Michael professed he still had feelings for Holly, saying he's "really proud of us" for maturely co-existing in such close quarters. Like a dagger to the heart, Holly responded by putting him in the dreaded "best friends" category.

The contestants weren't the only ones pitching curveballs. Host Chris Harrison announced that two women would be going home and all the men would be sticking around for another week. Unhappy about encountering more forced contact with Jake, Vienna Girardi threatened to leave and Chris offered to call her a cab. "I am not leaving this house because Kasey [Kahl] is here holding me and keeping me strong," she pouted.

No one could be trusted as the money-hungry contestants put feelings aside and kept their eyes on the $250,000 prize. Feeling betrayed by Graham Bunn and Kasey in a game of he said/she said, Gia Allemand abruptly packed her bags and was driven off in a flurry.

That left only one gal to be eliminated during the rose ceremony. Jackie Gordon didn't get a rose, but wound up with the "he loves me" petal in a happily ever fairytale ending. She and Ames Brown had formed a connection and he was too heartbroken to proceed further in the competition without his lady love by his side and latched onto his lips. "I fell in love with her in a way I never fell in love with anybody before," he declared as he ran down the driveway to hop in her limo. "I think it's safe to say we won Bachelor Pad 2," he said while kissing her in the backseat. "This is the happiest limo ride in Bachelor history. Love occurs in the most unexpected places and Bachelor Pad is no exception." As the saying goes, love makes you do crazy things.

The soap opera of Bachelor Pad 2 continues next Monday on ABC.