Guests Weigh In on Kim Kardashian's Wedding


Kim Kardashian's wedding attracted an array of luminaries and we caught up with a few of them the morning after the big bash.

Close family friend Kathie Lee Gifford describe the wedding as "glamorous beyond belief," but revealed that opulence wasn't the most indelible part of the event.

"What surprised me was, here's this glamour and yet there's this tenderness and this spirituality that I think surprised so many people," said Kathie Lee. "The service itself was deeply spiritual."

Former Dancing with the Stars cast member Sugar Ray Leonard got to use what he learned on the show when he shimmied with Lindsay Lohan at the wedding reception.

"My wife [Bernadette Robi] encouraged me to do that," Sugar joked. The weekend was extra special for the boxing champ and his wife as they celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.

Kathie Lee became friends with the Kardashian family before Kim was born and she said that she knew Kim would be a stunning bride even as the 30-year-old was growing up.

"She is one of the most beautiful women in the world," said Kathie Lee. "There's no question."